Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life in a bubble

 Last night, while leaping high into the night air to block an opponent from catching the frisbee, my husband rejoined the ground and badly sprained his ankle during our ultimate frisbee game. Lucky for us, there was a doctor on the other team who saved us the need for xrays and a hefty hospital bill. And so I just want to say, that despite the usual hefty bills, doctors, are great.

I'm accident prone. 
Even when I was little I was always injuring myself. I think Band-Aids were a permanent accessory to my knees (though from the smug look of my twin in the picture, I find it more likely he pushed me down that time). I have sprained my ankles at least six times growing up, broken my left elbow while attempting to rollerblade, re-broken it a week later while filing papers at work, broken my wrist playing soccer, had my nose broken in college by a punch from my sensei, then a few weeks later while getting thrown into a wall in Canada, and once again just a few weeks ago in an odd accident involving an energetic yellow lab and a van door. My parents are used to calls from me starting with, "I'm fine, but . . ."

So I really shouldn't be surprised that yesterday my doctor confirmed that I had indeed broken my rib while attempting to surf a few weeks ago. This most recent injury, has made me appreciate once again how wonderfully lucky we are to have doctors. I mean, without their years of medical school, patience, and practice, I would likely resemble Quasimodo's ugly cousin. 

So I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the doctors that spend so much time putting perpetual klutzes like me  back together again.

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