Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Valley of Kangaroos...and wombats...and echidnas..and

For Mom's last weekend Bob and I took her to Kangaroo Valley. The town is about 2 hours south of Sydney and . . . it's in a valley ... and has... kangaroos. Well it doesn't have a zoo, just a healthy wild kangaroo population. The town contains one main street with a couple of restaurants, a hotel, gift shops, and a lovely townie pub. But before we endulged in dinner and a few too many beverages, we took an evening drive down a country road.

Within an impressive twenty minute period, we stumbled upon an echidna:


And a grumpy wombat:
We were all very impressed with the show mother nature put on. And the wildlife spotting, along with a few rounds at the pub, were a great way to end a fantastic visit.

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