Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh ... Christmas Tree???

Before Bob and I left for Christmas in the States, we decided to wander around Sydney in search of festivities. Back home in Chicago, this search would end with hot chocolate gripped in freezing hands, strolling along a festively cold Chicago night. We'd gaze at holiday window decorations in Macy's, continue to the outdoor Christkindle market for some frozen last minute shopping, then admire the massive pine Christmas tree in Daley Plaza. De-thawing would then commence at a nearby bar. 

Well . . . Sydney decorates the holidays a tad different. Bob and I walked to The Rocks district, where wreath-decked lampposts looked promising. 
We had heard there was a large Christmas tree there and wanted to take a look. I was imagining a beautiful pine tree gracing the old sandstone buildings in this historic district.
This was not what I had in mine. Behold, the Christmas Chair Tree. Apparently the city asked people to donate their old chairs to create a recycled tree. 
Now I'm all for recycling, but I found this monstrosity a tad disappointing. I did find some
 amusement in the rocking horse up top. 
But my general impression of the tree of chairs was vast confusion. This was not an uncommon feeling, as I saw several families with skipping children turn the corner, see the tree, and - even on a 3 yr old - I could see in their expression, "What the hell is that?!"

Bob and I moved on to Darling Harbour where Sydney boasted a massively festive tree. Well, if you can call a wire frame dressed in a projectile-electrical-vomit of lit madness a massively festive tree, then I suppose they did a great job.
However, for one desiring the scent and beauty of a pine tree, it was a tad disappointing. Even with the electrical kangaroos tastefully hopping up the side of the tree. Christmas in Sydney is unique, and they decorate uniqueness with gusto.

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Whaddya's ECO_ART!!! Emerging from its grave to haunt expatriate human ecologists!