Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fluorescent Marsupial

Flying back to Sydney after holidays in the States, I realized with one great sigh, that I was going to be warm again. While having a great time visiting friends and family back home, I came to one great, yet not earth-shattering conclusion - winter is cold. 

So it was with great relief that I flew into a sunny, green Sydney. To celebrate summer, Sydney holds a month long festival. 

Bob and I went to the opening Festival First Night where we enjoyed a multitude of free bands, artists, and fluorescent marsupial sculptures. 
This one is a Tasmanian Devil. 
Kids made the devil so I really couldn't make fun of it. The Tasmanian Devil Foundation was giving out devil horns with a donation, and I did enjoy seeing children show their true colors. No angels were in the crowd, just crazy, sugar-high, 3 foot devils.

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davidbdavis said...

Love it! Flourescent Taz! :) hey, what happened to your Pirate story, that was hysterical!! Dave