Sunday, August 3, 2008


Practicality . . . what was that again? The past few days have been filled with apartment hunting. An odd thing here in Sydney, is that there are no apartment agencies that help you find apartments. Bob and I are apparently odd in finding this to be counterproductive. The agency won't show you an apartment, except on the random day and time of the week they choose. They only show an apartment for one fifteen minute period of time per week-that's per week! So in the 10080 minutes there are in a week, during a whopping 15 of those can you see a particular apartment. 

The resulting problem is that in those 15 minutes you're allowed to check out your prospective new home, 75 other people are checking "their" new home. These public viewings are a freakin blood bath. You have to jostle your way up into the apartment door, run around the rooms-shoving your way past other homelookers, grab an application, and hope to homelessness you're the one out of 75 applicants they choose to rent the apartment to. 

Other than that we are having a grand time in Sydney-it really is a lovely place. So until a home is found I will be posting "unparticularly exciting but amusing to me" photos. This photo I took in a quite North Sydney suburb proves that there are, apparently, no boundaries for MC Hammer.

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