Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finding housing in Sydney is a pain in the . . .

 The past week has been spent apartment hunting ... and we're still hunting. I can't wait to find a home base so I can drop my bags and go exploring. Of all the apartments I've looked at I found two that are promising-meaning there are no kicked in doors or security warnings about recent break-ins posted at the entrance. It's not that Sydney is decrepit. It's just that the places that Bob and I can afford are decrepit. 

While Bob started work, I continued to search for a home. I found a nice looking apartment online today and called the agent. He was, amazingly, showing the place this afternoon. So I loaded up my backpack with copies of every form of identification he would possibly need-I'm so desperate at this point I'd give a free sample of blood if it would help my chances. I headed out on my 20 minute walk to the place-and the heavens opened. It poured. I quickly moved all my documents to the inner most pocket of my backpack, put up the cheap rickety umbrella I bought yesterday and kept on walking.

Not surprisingly, my cheap umbrella did not hold up to the thunderous deluge. But my umbrella also didn't attract one of the numerous bolts of lightning, so I didn't hold it's flimsiness against it. Trudging up to the apartment I looked very much like a drowned rat. But with the need of a home, I shouldered my sogging backpack and went up to meet the agent. 

Maybe my disheveled appearance would arouse some pity. "Why my dear!" the concerned agent would croon, "You are drenched! Your determined little soul looks like it could use a warm one bedroom apartment-and hey I'll do you a fave and knock $200 off the rent! Now, would you like a cup of tea?" Unfortunately that didn't happen. Just a curt "Hello," a roll of the eyes on my waterlogged appearance, and a farewell. Oh well. Time I go dry off and rally for another day of apartment hunting...and I'll make myself a cup of tea.

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