Monday, August 11, 2008

In need of a cookie

When you're young you often get rewarded for doing something that's hard or scary. My question is why does this stop? Yes, I am an adult. But I would still like a cookie for accomplishing something trivial yet hard or frighting for me. Is that really to much to ask? Just one little cookie with m&m's in it? Well is it? Perhaps I should start a Good Girls and Boys Cookie Brigade-but I digress. 

Ahem! The conclusion of the weekend left Bob and me with the possibility of an apartment...I think. The realtor still has to check out references, but hopefully all will go well and our apartment hunting will be at an end. To celebrate I took the day off from house hunting for some book research. I hopped on a bus to the Taronga Zoo, changed buses, hopped on the wrong bus, hopped off, hopped on the right bus and felt like a freaking kangaroo by the time I got there. 

Taronga Zoo is on a large hill across the harbour from the Opera House and provides spectacular views of the city. It is mainly and easily accessed via ferry from Circular Quay. It is not so easily accessed by bus, so I took the bus. 

The 2 advantages to arriving by bus are: 

1) You get dropped off at the top of the hill and can easily work your way down 

2) You don't have to get on a boat (I don't like boats or large bodies of water) 

I meandered through the zoo for a couple hours. Once at the bottom I was disinclined to walk back to the top for my bus. Therefore, I decided to be a big gi

rl and get on the ferry. Trying to boost my confidence I asked an elderly zoo volunteer, "Is it a rough boat ride?"  

"A rough boat ride?!" she somehow cackled sweetly, "Rough in our Harbour? Where are you from?" 

"Ohio," I said. 

"Well then, just think of it as a big lake." 

And to this sweet old lady I said "Okay," and I felt much better. I need to learn how to cackle sweetly. I waited to be the last person to board the green and tan ferr

y ... the colors reminded me of pea soup. I sat on the bottom floor outside at the stern and though the ten minute crossing wasn't bad, the boat still rocked a bit more than I would prefer. I was the third person off the boat when we docked at Circular Quay and happy it was just a short trip (I'm a complete whimp on the water). 

Deciding it would be a day to face fears I went to walk across the Harbour Bridge. I'm not a huge fan of manmade heights (mountains and natural heights don't bother me). Why do I not like manmade heights? Well you watch a few carnies uncaringly put a ferris wheel together and you would start to question structural designs as well. 

I walked through the historic settlement of The Rocks and followed the path up to the Harbour Bridge. It shook a bit with passing traffic but provided beautiful sights of the Opera House. I had an absolutly stunning shot lined up with the sunset fanning gentle shades of pink on the Harbour, a beautiful sailboat arching past the Opera House-the perfect shot. So naturally my camera battery died and that picture was lost. Guess I'll just have to relive that in memory...and bu

y some more batteries tomorrow. And a cookie.

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