Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rush hour is brutal

Though we're barely settled in our apartment, Bob and I decided to rent a car for the weekend and drive three hours north of Sydney to visit Port Stephens, "The Dolphin Capital of Australia." The town is situated by the ocean and backed by forests of eucalyptus trees-really quite lovely. 

In spirit of the town's ocean loving people, Bob and I decided to try to learn how to surf. It was hard to find an open surf school during the Australian "winter," and it to be proved even harder since the only school in town was closed until October. So we settled on wandering the beach and decided to do what anyone else who couldn't learn to surf would do - we rode camels. 

So there. Tomorrow I head on up to the "Gold Coast" and will continue my search for a surf school that won't laugh at me and my innate clumsiness. 

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