Friday, September 5, 2008

Chugga Chugga Whoo Whoo!

A picture of the destination always helps to forget the means of the journey. I took an 11 hour train ride up the North Coast of New South Wales. I 

believe there are several undeniable train versions of Murphy's Law. Such as, no matter how clean and brand spanking new the train is, it will always have an offensive odor. I like to imagine that the train's cleaning staff come on board, carrying their box of scented air fresheners and say, 

" Okay Mick, we've got 4 air fresheners left." 

"4 left ... what scents are they Barry?" 

"Well, we have vomit, dirty diaper, wet poodle, and lavender." 

"Hmm....well lets chuck out lavender. Put wet carpet and old people in car D, then lets hang the vomit and wet poodle ones right over seat 57." 

I sat in seat 57. Thankfully the journey itself was through beautiful rolling hills and costal towns. As sunset was approaching I looked out my window to see a kangaroo and joey wandering about. Pleasantly surprised, I was then amazed to see a whole mob of kangaroos hopping along fields highlighted by the setting golden sun. I was mesmerized by this beautifully iconic Australian scene. How peacef-BOING! ...peacefu-BOING! I mean how peaceful it wa-BOING! BOING! BOING! BOING! 

My reverie was ruined by the obnoxious sound effects provided by two garish teenage girls sitting in front of me. Also distracting were the loud belches-which had been going on for NINE HOURS-by the middle aged European couple sitting behind me. Adding to that the smokey grizzled man hacking up a lung to my right and the teenage couple making out across the aisle - I vowed that next time I would drive. 

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