Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spearfishing is like ... totally prohibited.

After escaping Surfers Paradise I took quick retreat in nearby Burleigh Head National Park. There spearfishing is, apparently, totally prohibited. I was more amused by the sign than I probably should have been. 

The park was a nice escape from the build up on the Gold Coast. I foolishly  headed up a trail in flip flops, but by the time 

I realized that was a mistake I didn't want to trudge back down the cliff to the parking lot. So by the end of the hike I had some very bad blisters. Just a note. If you're in Australia and someone compliments your thongs - they are talking about your flip flops.  

After resting my feet I drove near the Queensland/New South Wales border. A lot of surfers appeared to be watching without dismay, what appeared to be a sinking ship in the ocean. I wondered why nobody was doing anything, and then realized that the boat was just built to sit low in the water. It gathers sand from the beach nearby, and then schleps it up to the Gold Coast. 

So...that's about all that was going on there... I need a nap. 

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Onyx said...

Like, totally, dude....

I just saw this one today and I don't think it was supposed to be funny but the drawing alone cracked me up.

This will also put you into my picasa albums so you can see those if you want.