Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Ghosts May Walk and Skeletons Talk

Australians don't quite get Halloween. This is a very disappointing fact. Sure some shops put out a few costumes and ghostly figures, but the plastic fades and witches can only peer meekly around fat ornaments of St. Nick in swim shorts, stockings, and reindeer statues prematurely invading the city. 

Back in the States Halloween is such a fun event! Kids go trick or treating in ghoulish forms, and even adults dress up in glee to attend seasonally spooky Halloween parties. And everyone has candy! How could you not love a holiday when you can dress up as whatever you like without looking like a dork - and get free candy? I mean, come on!

Last Halloween, I looked forward to partaking in Sydney's festivities only to realize with despair that there were none.  But this year will be different! An American friend I met through ultimate frisbee is having a Halloween party next week.

He sent an e-mail to our team and the biggest question from the Aussies was, "When's Halloween?"

I asked one of my Australian friends what she was going as, and she replied, "Well . . . a pumpkin I guess."

I gave her a flat look. "A pumkin?" I asked.

She was confused by my question. "Well otherwise I'd have to be a ghost right?"

"No, it's Halloween! You can be whatever you want."

"Really . . . are you sure that's ok?"

Seems like this will be a very educational party . . . and perhaps full of pumpkins and ghosts.

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