Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kangaroo Valley Delivers

My friend Sonya left the state of Maine for twelve days to come visit me and explore Australia. During her stay we drove two hours south to Kangaroo Valley. 

Kangaroo Valley has become a favorite place to take visitors, as Bob and I have always seen wildlife there. 

This time was no exception. Sonya seemed to have extra luck, because not only did we spot a kangaroo, wombat, and a lyre bird, but we saw them in force. By the end of the night we had seen 10 wombats, over 40 kangaroos, and 4 lyre birds.  

As for the 'Too cool for the wombat' picture, Sonya was photographing kangaroos in a cow field when this wombat wandered by. 

I've attached videos below.

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