Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That's what my Mom said

My Mom arrived in Sydney this morning, so I took her on the 'Bob and Allie's First Day Tour.' We took the train to Town Hall and explored the decorative interior of the Queen Victoria Building. We then meandered to Hyde Park and walked through Saint Mary's Cathedral. Then said, "Hello" to the bronze boar statue of Il Porcellino, where my Mom made the astute observation, "Two parts of him are shiny."
At the Royal Botanic Gardens I led Mom down a forested path and pointed to what looked like hundreds of pine cones in a tree.
 Once she realized they were actually bats, she said, "I'm quite ready to move on." So we did.
We moved along to the harbour, and there, on a chilly but sunny day, glistened the Sydney Opera House. 
And Mom exclaimed, "Oh how lovely!"
So ended day one.
Not only was it a great day in that my Mom came to visit me, but my sister-in-law Colleen gave birth to the first baby of the family! Congratulations Colleen and Tim. And Zachary - welcome to the world!

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