Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Exercise in Sunsets

On a trail surprisingly close to the steel bones of the Harbour Bridge, discarded leaves rustle at the hurried slithering of lizards from my path. My feet brush the dirt trail in fluid strides as I run through a forest of ethereal eucalyptus trees.

Etched in gold by tendrils of a taunting sun, the trees shimmer in the day’s final, amber light. Jealous of the rich hues the sun swirls into the sky, a flock of rainbow lorikeets take to the air, their protesting screeches urge my stride.

Cresting the last ridge, I leave the forest as the sun dives into the waiting horizon, taking with it the scent of warm earth. Unleashed from their day’s restraint, shadows creep while the wings of a dozen fire-touched rainbows fold for the night. As the long black wings of bats battle the air, the evening and her creatures lay claim to the sky.

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