Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Spring

September first, the first day of Spring. Living in the Southern Hemisphere sure can get confusing. My body is expecting the cool days and crisp nights of autumn. Instead my nose is bombarded with the bold scents of spring. 
I know I should be frolicking in the greenery after surviving the winter. But, to be honest, winter in Sydney isn't much different than spring...or fall. The majority of native trees keep their leaves year round, opting to shed their bark instead. And even the non-natives like sycamore trees are only barren for three months before flaunting their new buds. 

And while winter does sport a few cooler days, it's hard to feel the blues when hisbisicus are blooming on every block. A few more weeks and I'll be heading to the beach for a swim, a surf, and a nice day in the sun. I've got to say, the weather in Sydney is deliciously bearable.

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