Monday, August 24, 2009

Raining cats and dogs...and fish

My boss has returned from 3 weeks in Europe. I am finally back to walking a manageable number of dogs per day - which is less than 25. In these past few weeks, Bob and I moved into a new beautiful cottage, became caretakers of a fish pond, are playing host to two college girls from Ohio, minding a large ridgeback puppy for over a week, and are currently "socializing" two feral kittens in hope that they will no longer think people are evil, and one day get adopted.

So from a quiet one bedroom apartment to a cottage chalk full of critters, it's been a heck of an adjustment. The kittens key playtime is 3 am, the dog's key potty time is 5 am, and the girls have to catch a flight at 7 so that's a 6 am wake-up call. So between all this I need to make my way to bed, just have to be careful I don't step on any tails along the way.

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