Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Expectorating walk

When I see a 9km trail, gently winding through forested glens, secluded beaches, and grand cliffs, I can think of many more elegant and graceful names than:

Bob and I hiked The Spit to Manly Walk over the weekend. I felt from the name we should be embarking on a mission down a giant's digestive tract. Rather, the path led us through diverse habitats, past multitudes of basking lizards (Bob's very proud of his picture of this Eastern Water Dragon),
 past the most pathetic lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere, and left us with a great craving for ice cream.

Cliffs thrust their limbs to the Pacific Ocean with rocky abandonment (see attached warning below).

And those nautically endowed flooded the waters with sailboats and high flying acts. 

At the end of our hike we met our friend Fiona for a drink and to admire the crowds at the surf beach of Manly.

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davidbdavis said...

Niiiiice Picture Bob! Good shot of him sunning. :) Love the ice cream cone reference too. Took me a second to get that one. :) Dave