Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pigeon Hunters of the Southern Hemisphere

Oh December, month of Christmas,
of chilly days and frigid nights, 
cumbersome coats and fireplace lights, 
naked trees and streets of ice,
where snow falls silently in the night
... or not.

December in Australia means one thing - summer. Days are longer, the sun bakes the Earth to 90 degrees F, and flowers continue their assault of color. Fully aware of how lucky I am to be in warm weather right now, I am taking full advantage - mainly, working outside and tanning while I write. I know, it's a rough life. So to warm those of you getting buried in snow, here are some pretty pictures.

Bounty Hunters of the Southern Hemisphere
Two kids slowly stalked a flock of pigeons with their water guns. Besides the fact that they were trying (unsuccessfully) to spray the birds, I wondered who was smarter. Because honestly, have you ever had to "stalk" a pigeon? The birds are oblivious ... apparently so were the kids.

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