Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goats can't read

A few weeks ago, Bob and I rented a car to explore the Hawkesbury River area, about an hour north of Sydney. A wide river cut through rolling hills, trees flaunted their bright new foliage, and I got to ride a pony! 
During my teenage years, my Dad gratefully took me to horseback riding lessons. Though I was no horse-whisperer, I learned enough to look somewhat graceful while trying not to fall off the horse. So, when I got to the stables in Hawkesbury, I figured I'd do pretty well. 

Well, I managed not to fall off. But grace was no factor in the day. Still, I was on a horse so I was happy. The stable was quite nice. They even matched your horse to your hair color so you didn't clash . . . well not really. 

After my lesson, Bob and I stumbled upon a small county fair. It's a good thing goats can't read.
The sign says "Red Meat Tastes Good, Goat Meat Tastes Better!"
This strapping lad is about to perform the "bush-castration-technique." 

And that's about all I have. I spent most of today cooking an "Aussie" Thanksgiving day feast. The kitchen is not my domain. It made my brain hurt. I retire with the utmost respect to kitchen and its confusing concoctions. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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davidbdavis said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :) I keep hear from my British friends who really love to wish us Happy Thanksgiving, which amazes me, cause I could give two twists about offering them a Happy Boxing Day! Whatever that is!?! :) Still tell Bob HT too for me. Take care! (we're going to the dysfunctional downtown Bridgeview for our festivities today) Dave