Friday, October 24, 2008

Words of a Baroness

"OOOOO! ooooOOO! OOO! Wah HA Wah HA Wah Ha! Ooooo...."
This is not how one expects to be greeted by a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

Bob and I sat in the Sydney Opera House, slightly dazed by the greeting from Dr. Jane Goodall, world renowned primatologist and humanitarian. 

"That," a skinny yet vibrant Jane said, "is how chimpanzees say, 'hello.'" 
She proceeded to give an inspiring talk about the necessity of conservation and the responsibilities we have to protect our planet for future generations. It was, quite frankly, a good point.

After the talk, Bob and I made our way through a mix of hippies and business men, down the Opera House steps and towards Circular Quay. We took the train back home, grabbed some books, and read in a nearby park. Well, I read, Bob took a nap. I watched kids run around the park, enjoying nature, and decided Jane knew what she was talking about. 

Bob saw me watching and said, "You don't think those kids are cute are you?"
"Nope, it's just that the sunlight was on them."
"Wait," Bob sat up, "you only think kids are cute if they're in the sunlight?"
"No," I replied, "only if they're in golden sunlight, like a setting sun. Makes them look... angelic."
I looked at him, "Well yes, I mean, look at that little dog. It's a pug. It has been bred to have such a squished in face that it can't even breath properly."
"Now watch when it waddles out of the shade and into the sunlight. It looks ...puglishly angelic."
"Allie, you know you're odd right?"

The asthmatic pug heaved his way up to Bob, sniffed his feet, and ran away.

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jputn72 said...

So which category do you guys fall men or hippies?